Defined in <stapl/containers/graph/generators/barabasi_albert.hpp>

template<typename GraphView>  
GraphView make_barabasi_albert(const std::size_t n,const std::size_t d,bool add_reverse_edge)


Generate a scale-free network based on the Barabasi-Albert preferential attachment model.

This implementation is based on the following paper:

Vertices with lower vertex IDs are more likely to be the target for edges. Note that if add_reverse_edge is false, the outgoing edge distribution is constant, as each vertex will have exactly 'd' edges.

The returned view owns its underlying container.


  • n: Number of vertices in the generated graph.
  • d: The number of outgoing edges to generate for each vertex


A view over the generated graph.


  using view_type = stapl::graph_view<stapl::multidigraph<int>>;

  auto v = stapl::generators::make_binary_tree<view_type>(256);

1 Scalable Generation of Scale-free Graphs. Peter Sanders, Christian Schulz. arXiv:1602.07106v1. [cs.DS] 23 Feb 2016. [foo]:

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